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Scientifically Proven

Clinical research was carried in 2008 with the purpose of assessing the impact of roll shapers on the body. The study involved 97 people who had 20 massages with roll shapers and the average results were:

  • Upper Arm circumference decreased by 0.8 I
  • Waist circumference decreased by 1.8 IN
  • Hip circumference decreased by 1.2 IN
  • Thigh circumference decreased by 1.2 IN
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The device should not be used by persons who have been diagnosed for the following conditions:

– Heart Disorders
– Unregulated Hypertension
– Cancer
– Varicose Veins and Ecchymosis
– Pregnancy

Drink Water:

During the procedure it is crucial to drink plenty of water.. Physicians and nutritionists are constantly highlighting the importance of water for our body. Recommended water intake per day for an adult is 6-8 glasses of water. If we don’t feel thirsty, it does not mean that our body does not need liquids. Under constant lack of water, it switches “saving mode”. Remember if you feel thirst it means your body is already dehydrated.


Best to do it with tight sportswear, such as yoga pants.

Depends on the person, some do, some don’t.

Improves the effectiveness of the treatment by 70%.

You start feeling better after the first session. You start seeing results after 4-5 sessions.

You can do it every other day.

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